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Harvesting Thanks: A Celebration of Our Client Partnerships

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With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we, at The Numbers Agency, are feeling a tad nostalgic. Thanksgiving is more than just a time for gratitude - it’s a moment to reflect on the support systems that make our lives easier, especially in the realm of small business accounting. We want to take a moment to show our thanks and gratitude for the partnerships we have fostered with our clients. So, in the spirit of the season, let’s carve into the reasons why having a qualified bookkeeper is like having the perfect stuffing for your entrepreneurial journey: essential, enriching, and oh-so satisfying.


A Plateful of Precise Financial Data

Just as a Thanksgiving feast requires the right blend of flavors, a successful business needs a harmonious mix of accurate financial data. A skilled bookkeeper ensures that your financial records are as organized as a meticulously set table, enabling you to make informed decisions and better strategize for growth. They'll maintain a ledger more diligently than Grandma watches her pumpkin pie in the oven, ensuring every transaction is recorded accurately.

We recently took on a new client with a very complex business model. They had a handful of employees managing their books, which had created quite a mess. Granted there are a lot of moving parts to this particular business, but having too many untrained fingers in the proverbial pie certainly didn’t help. Transactions were being coded every which way and things that should have been landing on the P&L were ending up on the Balance Sheet and vice versa. It was a real mess to untangle, but our nervous new client took a chance on us and we were able to untangle everything and now the books are clean and accurate!

Our client continues to express her gratitude to us for all that we have done and continue to do. However, it’s important to point out that without her trust and complete willingness to turn everything over to us, our job would have been infinitely more difficult. We don’t always get such willing clients, so kudos to her and her staff for being open to the changes and trusting our expertise!


Seasoned for Success: Expert Financial Insight

A bookkeeper isn’t just about numbers - they bring a depth of financial insight that’s as comforting as a slice of warm apple pie. They analyze the numbers, providing you with reports that give a clear view of your financial health, guiding you through financial strategies that might be as savory as the secret family gravy recipe.

I once had a client say to me, “Erica, I’m looking at my P&L and I see that I have $52,000 in profit, but my bank account only has $6400 in it. Where did all of my profits go?” This is a very common question that we get. This particular client had a lot of money tied up in inventory, which was affecting their cash flow. I, of course, took this as an opportunity to educate the client about how money flows through the business. How income and expenses affect the P&L and how assets and liabilities work on the Balance Sheet.

Over time, we got into more complex financial analysis and today, my client is grateful for this knowledge as it helps him better understand the reports we send him and empowers him to make more sound business decisions regarding his cash flow. We love working with our clients on this level. I, personally, am most grateful for these opportunities, because it allows us to develop deeper, more enriching bonds and more effective and valuable partnerships with our clients. We wish everyone was this interested in the financial insight!


The Gift of Time: Freeing Your Schedule

The hustle and bustle of running a business can feel like prepping a Thanksgiving meal for a football team. And when you neglect your books until year-end, it can feel like you’re a turkey trying to escape a tackle in a football game! A bookkeeper lightens your load, giving you more time to focus on your core business activities. Instead of simmering over spreadsheets and receipts, you can spend that time savoring the joy of serving your clients or brainstorming new ideas for growth.

We have a lot of clients who thank us for freeing up their time to focus on the work they’re good at. Oftentimes, our clients don’t even realize how much time they’re spending managing the books and finances of the business until they realize how much time they now have that they’re not doing it themselves.

I love that we get to offer our clients the most elusive gift of all: TIME!


Avoiding Financial Indigestion: Compliance and Accuracy

Just as overeating can lead to post-feast regret, neglecting financial accuracy can lead to business heartburn. A bookkeeper ensures that your business stays compliant with regulations, helping you avoid penalties and sleepless nights wondering if everything was filed correctly.

I got an email just yesterday from a client’s CPA asking questions about a notice they received from the IRS. The client was cc’ed on the emails, but honestly didn’t have to lift a finger. I tracked down the information, which was easy for me, because I keep everything organized and documented. I responded to the CPA, who in turn, will respond to the IRS.

Our clients repeatedly thank us for helping out in these situations. It’s a huge weight lifted off of them to know that they’re financials are compliant and accurate and if anything does come up, we will walk through it with them. We are always thankful for the clients who give us what we need. Having that documentation provided by the client is the key to a smooth interaction with the IRS!


The Table is Set: Set for Growth

A bookkeeper isn’t just a financial gatekeeper; they are also your partner in growth. By maintaining accurate records, providing financial insights, and helping you navigate through the financial jungle, they give you the foundation needed to expand your business. Like a perfectly basted turkey, your business can reach new heights with a bookkeeper’s support.

One of my first clients in the e-commerce space was a real hustler. He had multiple websites, but also was selling on Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, multiple wholesale sites, I think you get the picture. His inventory was a nightmare and we were able to help him build a system to manage all of it. By better managing his inventory for him, he was able to really expand his skus on Amazon and start taking more market share. By delivering him incredibly nuanced financials detailing the various merchant fees, shipping fees, etc, he was able to become very nimble in the market. Eventually, he grew larger and built a manufacturing plant to make his own products. He is one of the success stories I’m most proud of. Ultimately, he grew so large, he needed an in-house accounting department.

Although we no longer work with this client, I am eternally grateful for having had the opportunity to grow with him and alongside of him. We learned a lot together and I wish him continued success in his future endeavors!


Thanksgiving Every Month: Peace of Mind

Picture this: the satisfaction of a perfectly executed Thanksgiving dinner, but instead of once a year, it’s every month. With a qualified bookkeeper, you can experience that same contentment knowing your financials are in order month after month. No last-minute panics, just a consistent, hearty feast of financial stability.

I always get an influx of new clients around the tax deadlines. Small business owners who think they will take care of their books on top of everything else they handle, who reach those deadlines, panicked. We have taken on half a dozen clients in the past few weeks in exactly this condition. Rest assured, we always get them caught up by deadline and they are grateful for the help.

But the real reward for us, is watching these panic-stricken, stressed out clients dissolve into much calmer, confident business owners who are much more engaged in their businesses than before they hired us. We love delivering peace of mind each month and then watching that flower into business growth and ultimately happier business owners.


The Sweetest Pie: Cost-Effectiveness

Believe it or not, having a bookkeeper is cost-effective. They might seem like an extra expense, but they actually save you money in the long run. By avoiding financial mistakes, optimizing your tax strategies, and helping you make more informed decisions, they add value that surpasses their cost.

I had a client who was managing her own books prior to hiring The Numbers Agency. She was very uneasy about the monthly service fee, as her business was very young and wasn’t turning huge profits yet. Initially, she only agreed to clean-up services, so that I could get her books ready for tax filing. After cleaning everything up, I pointed out to her that she had been missed some of her payroll tax payments and had not paid her sales or corporate tax in 2 years. This was simply the result of an overworked business owner wearing too many hats. We got her payments caught up, but not after a decent amount of penalties and interest.

In the end, she was over the moon for our expertise and help in cleaning everything up. She also had learned a very valuable lesson: that partnering with a qualified professional would be worth the monthly fee and then some! We are thankful to provide our clients with value-driven service that pays off in spades.


Dinner Time: Gratitude Served Daily

Just as Thanksgiving reminds us to be grateful, having a qualified bookkeeper inspires a daily dose of appreciation. You'll be thankful for the peace of mind, the time saved, and the confidence in your business's financial health—a gratitude pie that you’ll be happily feasting on throughout the year.

One of our larger clients has been with us for about 4 years now. On our first call, he said to me, “I know something is wrong with my accounting, I just don’t know what. It just doesn’t look right.” After a lengthy and intense clean-up project, I discovered some major errors in the books. Eventually, we got everything cleaned up and built some processes to address transaction errors, theft and fraud, and of course basic accounting and financial processes. Things today look very different than they did when he walked through our doors. He has systems in place that ensure the accounting is done accurately and timely, his staff is trained and only has access to the systems they require, we have built systems to catch theft and fraud almost immediately which has almost eliminated the occurrence of it in his business, and we have provided peace of mind that the accounting is taken care of and that we are at his side whenever he or his staff needs us.

Our client and his staff are extremely grateful for our services. He has told me several times how grateful he is for me and for our services and that he just simply doesn’t have to worry about this stuff like he used to. We, on the other hand, are so grateful to have earned his trust. We don’t take that for granted. Many of our clients come to us from bad bookkeeper/accounting situations or come to us after someone on their team has embezzled from them or they have just gone through a nasty IRS audit. We have seen it all and we are honored to be given the opportunity to earn our clients trust and prove to them that this relationship can be gratifying.


In Conclusion: Counting Your Blessings

So, as we gather around the table this Thanksgiving, we will not be forgetting our wonderful clients. Each of them has earned a special place in our hearts and we are eternally grateful to be a part of their small business journey. Thank you all for putting your trust in us, we will continue to strive to earn it.

If you are looking to level up your small business, keep in mind that bookkeepers bring to your business feast a myriad of flavors - accuracy, insight, time, growth, compliance, peace of mind, and cost-effectiveness - all essential ingredients for a successful entrepreneurial journey.

This season, let's raise our glasses, filled with the spirit of gratitude, and toast to the unique partnership between business owner and bookkeeper. Cheers to the continued success of both!



Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as financial advice. Consult with a qualified professional for personalized guidance tailored to your specific situation.